A simple puzzle-platformer.
I'll be fixing the above glitches and polishing some art ASAP.

Thanks for playing!

Controls (keyboard only):
Arrows: move
Space: jump
Shift or Control: switch beteween dreams
TAB restart room

Version history:

-Fix the camera glitch that sometimes follow some moving hazards.

-Fix the title screen annoying wind sound;
-Fix a collider glitch that only happens within dream 2;
-Second level no BG for dream 2.

-Fix the colliders glitches on platforms :)

-Fix the freeze when hit some hazards from above;
-Most of the hazards now get their skin changed when dream swithing.
-Now TAB key restarts the room;

-View port fix (interpolated graphics);
-Missing sounds fixes;
-Missing sprites for char into dream 2;
-BG fix for the level 2;
-Glitch sfx.

-Minor bugs.

Known bugs and glitches:
- some hazards don't change their skin through dreams;
- sometimes colliders get fuzzy.

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Published12 days ago
Tags8-bit, gameboy, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer
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